How It Works

We Are a One-of-a-Kind, One-Stop Aging at Home Services Firm

Increasing costs and need for assistance personally and around the house are issues when you age, and we are the solution. You get a personal relationship with a team you will know and like. We will be only a phone call or text away, helping you age in your home while keeping your lifestyle.

Become a Member to Enjoy More Savings

As a Member, You Receive:

Senior couple meeting with advisor1. Keep You on Track Yearly Meeting

  • Tell your story and get perspective
  • Become better informed about options and available resources
  • Review personal, financial, and legal needs
  • Review home maintenance or repair needs
  • Audit health insurance and bills for savings
  • Get you ready for the next year

Over the years, we will work to fill up your...

Estate Organizer binder2. Two-Part Life Care Planning Binder

Estate Organizer

Organize all your most significant documents in one place. In a health crisis, a loved one can locate your estate documents to protect your interests.

Retirement Lifestyle Manager

This one-of-a-kind information source is modeled on the planning that the largest law firms use for their wealthiest clients to maintain their lifestyle.

Woman making a phone call3. Member’s Suite of Services

As a member, you have access to the help that everyone needs to age at home and maintain your retirement lifestyle.

During the year we are a phone call or a text away—for any service. We can provide services for a large spectrum of needs:

  • Help around the house
  • Important paperwork
  • Coordinating in-home care
  • Assisting in placing a loved one
  • Crisis intervention
  • Locating affordable community services
  • Applying for government benefits

We coordinate these services for clients at the best prices we can find, or we do it ourselves at our low rates.

Retirement Services Store membership and loyalty card4. Our Member Rewards and Loyalty Program

As a member, you are enrolled in our rewards and loyalty programs. You earn an hour of services we provide for every year you are a member. Under the rewards program, you earn one hour of services that we provide for every 10 hours, or a percentage of services performed by a contracted service provider. You can bank the hours for later in retirement or use them as soon as you earn them.