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Bargain Basement Lawyer™ is an independent elder law firm dedicated to servicing our members. Conservative estimates are that 65% of seniors that experience a chronic illness will lose their standard of living during retirement becoming dependent on family or government assistance. Your lifestyle is dependent on protecting your assets more than any modern generation.

Younger and older woman smilingUnique Fee Structure

Seniors need legal protections later in retirement to protect their assets, but find it hard to afford after a long retirement. At Bargain Basement Lawyer™ we actually reduce our fees as you age. Our clients deserve protection without worrying about the costs.

Bargain Basement—Markdown Pricing

We help seniors maintain their lifestyle and preserve their assets by offering legal services over retirement at preferred pricing:

  • If over 65 years old—you receive a 30% discount*
  • If over 70 years old—you receive a 40% discount*
  • If over 75 years old—you receive a 50% discount*

* Discount on our standard fees. Please see for specific pricing.