Medicaid Qualification Services

Long-term custodial care is the greatest financial challenge in retirement. Studies show that over 60% of seniors will be subject to long-term care costs. Forty percent of seniors may need nursing home care during their lives. When nursing home care is needed, one-third of married couples will see their assets depleted within a few weeks of a spouse entering a nursing home, and as many of 50% of married couples will be impoverished with less than a year of nursing home care. The statistics are even worse for single retirees.

This nation has an 18-trillion-dollar federal debt, and Medicaid represents 25% of the federal budget. The costs of caring for the increasing numbers of elderly Americans are unsustainable. As a result, middle-class retirees and their families are forced to shoulder more of the costs of extended care, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to qualify for Medicaid.

We provide the following services to help you through this often confusing and frustrating process:

  • Medicaid Qualification Evaluation

    • Provide you with an honest assessment of your situation
    • Educate you about the Medicaid system and the application process
    • Advise on spend-down strategies to qualify for Medicaid assistance
  • Application Creation

    • Provide you with a list of documents to collect
    • Address any potential red flags
    • Fill out the application and ensure all documents are attached
    • Monitor the progress of your application while it’s being processed
    • Attend meetings and communicate directly with the Medicaid office

Affordable Cost

Our fees are reasonable by design. Call, and we will quote you a price; then price shop if you like. We are confident you will find no better value.