Senior Services

The heart of our practice is the Senior Care Coordinator. The elder care model is changing rapidly, with more elder care occurring at home. This shift places the responsibility for costs, care, and management of services squarely on caregiving families rather than government agencies or professional care facilities.

The current care industry is disjointed. A multitude of companies will supply particular services such as health aides, medical supplies, and home repair and modification. Managing all of the individual services for at-home care is a full-time job during an already stressful time for caregivers. What’s more, family members who are not directly involved in care management for a loved one may not fully understand how complex the process is, leading to family discord.

As our families begin their journey through the long-term care system, they need a supportive and knowledgeable guide. The Senior Care Coordinator functions as the point of contact for the family and assists in coordinating services to help you take care of your loved one. Your Coordinator has extensive knowledge of the costs, quality, and availability or resources in the community. The Coordinator can help local caretakers as well as those who cannot be present due to time or distance.

  • Necessary Paperwork

    • Budgets/Spending Plans
    • Monitor Medical Billing
    • Resolve Billing Disputes
    • End of Life Documents
    • Bill Paying
  • Long-Distance Caretaker Assistance

    • Point of Contact for Family
    • Arrange/Attend Medical Appointments
    • Arrange Rides and Run Errands
    • Safety Checks 24 Hours a Day
  • Management of Home Care

    • Locate affordable community resources and referrals for in-home care services
    • Transition Package: Negotiate contract with assisted living, nursing home, and moving services
    • Monitor Package: Periodically review loved one’s care at home or in facility
    • Home Care Management Package: Negotiate, hire, review, and modify home care services as needed

Affordable Cost

Our goal is to reduce your management responsibilities while also reducing your costs. The Senior Care Coordinator can assist you in the short term for an hourly rate. If you need the Coordinator to take a more consistent management or assistance role, we also offer services at a low monthly rate.

Whatever you need—just call.